5 Things to Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Located an hour south west of the Croatian border along the Vrbas River in the north-central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the country’s second largest town, Banja Luka. Boasts many of historical and cultural sites , boulevards , excellent restaurants, and beautiful gardens, so discovering 5 things to do in Banja Luka is quite simple.

Gospodska Street

The town, which stands in a place that’s been inhabited since at least the first few centuries AD, has a very rich history.  Like other Balkan nations, it has been ruled by many groups, such as Romans, Slavs, Ottoman Turks, the Illyrians, and Austro-Hungarians. Banja Luka’s heritage experienced and can be felt in many places across town, but warmth, its appeal, and beauty are on display at every turn. All these are.

Central Market

A visit to Banja Luka isn’t complete without drifting its biggest tourist-friendly pedestrian boulevard. Even though the true title of the boulevard is Veselin Maslesa Street, Gospodska is the title that has stuck with both tourists and locals.

5 Things to Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kod Muje Restaurant

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5 Things to Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kastel Fortress and Also Restoran Kazamat

This road, which is the oldest and most brilliant in town, dates back to the 19th century and is lined with buildings constructed in the Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau architectural fashions. Housed in these buildings are clothing stores, banks, restaurants, jewelersand sidewalk cafés, and longer, making Gospodska Street an extremely popular walking course get lunch and for people who want to store.

Mala Stanica

Speaking of shopping, the area in Banja Luka that shouldn’t be missed is the Central Market, also known as City or Tržnica Market. Sellers in this massive and lively covered market sell a wide variety of products, such as shoes, handmade woolen gloves and socks, a large selection of fresh and organic produce, exceptional baked goods, specialty cheeses, fresh blossoms, red fish, poultry, poultry, household items, and flowers and plants during the spring and summer months. This market’s top floor contains small shops boutiques, and a pub.

5 Things to Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Because the Central Market is open everyday and doesn’t cost anything to get into, it’s a fantastic place to discover just about anything that you might ever want or need during the period in town, watch Banja Luka residents doing their day-to-day shopping, and have a snack to eat. If you’re looking to do in Banja Luka, seeing the Central Market needs to be one of these!

You need to break up a long day of sightseeing and shopping in Banja Luka with a great meal. Make sure you stop by Kod Muje , a neighborhood restaurant that looks like a cottage on the exterior, if you’re trying to find a special version of a Bosnian preferred.

You’ll find? Evap?i?i, which will be a Bosnian meatball made sausage-like form. However, the? Evap?i?i at Kod Muje and at other restaurants in Banja Luka is somewhat different; it is formed into a patty. It’s still tasty either way and leaves for an satisfying and cheap lunch. Enjoy your meal out, if the weather is fine.

Found in the Center of Banja Luka is Your medieval fortification known as Kastel Fortress.

This fort, which was built on a site along the Vrbas River where fortifications in pre-Roman eras and the Roman previously stood.

Kastel Fortress is and is a part of a meter complex that includes nine bastions and two towers, in addition to several buildings that make up the camp, for example, stone construction, a small toolbox, and the armory. The remains of fortified buildings are found inside the fort, in addition to classic bronze items and ceramics.

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Inside Kastel Fortress you’ll also find the sole real restaurant inside the community, Restoran Kazamat. Restoran Kazamat includes a richly decorated interior that’s decorated with items in the medieval period. This restaurant has specialized in helping traditional and authentic Serbian foods such as fresh salads and meats for well.

5 Things to Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s advised that you reserve a table outside if the weather permits while there is seating in the restaurant. There, you could get lunch or dinner in the air with unparalleled and stunning views of the Kastel Fortress and the Vrbas River. Restoran Kazamat and also seeing Kastel Fortress need to be to do in Banja Luca if you like history or food.

When you’re trying to find the best places to dine in a particular town, you probably probably wouldn’t think to check in a 19th-century train station. If that approach was taken by you in Banja Luka, you would overlook Mala Stanica, which lots of individuals feel is the very best restaurant in the city. The title Mala Stanica literally translates into”little train station.” While its place within an historically and architecturally significant construction helps pique the interest in diners, it’s their exquisite menu that makes its patrons return again and again.

5 Things to Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mala Stanica specializes in slow-cooked, fusion cuisine that is national and gourmet French with heavy, rich flavors that were optimized with their own process. The restaurant boasts a comprehensive group of more than a hundred wines. Their house specialty, the chocolate soufflé, is a rich and decadent dessert that should not be missed.

That finishes our list of the 5 steps to take Serbia, in Banja Luka. While Banja Luka might not have the identical name recognition as the towns, this city, with its bustling streets, niches that are distinctive and historical jewels, is in a class of its own. Don’t neglect to have some opportunity to experience wonders and the whims for Banja Luka, if you want a visit to Bosnia.

5 Things to Do in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina