Where and what to Eat in Sarajevo

This is a portion of this Momondo encounter series, in which I was challenged by Momondo into a experience. I believed it would be the perfect place to have the challenge of seeing what Bosnian food is all about Considering that Sarajevo is the capital and largest city in the country.

Sarajevo has a large number of restaurants, cafés, bakeries, teahouses, and street food sellers to choose from, so that I began my tour as anyone using a caffeine addiction does — using Bosnian coffee.

Where and what to Eat in Sarajevo

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Bosnian coffee is strong, but is not bitter. It is always served with a glass of cold water and sugar cubes. As much as you may be tempted into, don’t gulp it. Bosnian coffee should be enjoyed slowly. Stir the foam at the very top and fall from the sugar cube stir some more.

Where and what to Eat in Sarajevo

Do some people watching before starting and we chose Miris Dunja near the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque to take advantage of the weather.

After sightseeing around the old town (Stari Grad) for some time more, we worked out an appetite for its go-to fast food of the country, pies! The most usual of these is Börek (conspicuous boo-reck), that is essentially fried, flaky paradise made of layers of crispy delicate phyllo dough and stuffed with meat, cheese, spinach, potato, or a blend of these. To be a true Bosnian dish, then it has to be boiled at a sac (large metal pan) and wrapped up in a coal-burning oven.

Eat your pie using a yogurt drink if you wish to be traditional. The yogurt will coat your stomach and quench your thirst better than water, and that you will love after a meal such as pie. Buregdzinica Sac at Stari Grad is inexpensive, clean and prepares the pops the conventional manner. My favorite is the minced meat and meat pie, with cheese Börek coming from strong in second location.

Where and what to Eat in Sarajevo

No trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina is complete without trying the national dish,? Evap?i?i (conspicuous che-vap-chee-chee). These oblong-shaped grilled minced meatballs will be the undisputed kings of Bosnian foods. You can see them throughout the Balkans; an effect left behind by the Ottomans.

Where and what to Eat in Sarajevo

Household and Each restaurant has its own secret recipe for making them , and almost anywhere you walk in Sarajevo between the hours of 10 and 1 PM, you’ll grab the smell of? . We have a clear consensus from locals that the very best? Evap?i?i is at restaurant Ferhatovi? From the Bascarsija quarter. And they were spot on! The meatballs were all great with a chopska salad.

? Evap?i?i is served with raw onions and refreshing Somun bread, which might resemble a old pita at first glance, but is in fact the work of master bakers and can be quite a laborious process. Once you taste it, you will see why it’s so great — the perfect blend of chewiness, softness, and crustiness which goes with tender succulent? evap?i?i.  We had the joy of seeing just how Somun bread has been made in the family bakery in Sarajevo.

Without having its dining landscape, nobody needs to leave Sarajevo.  ? Pies and evap?i?i are excellent, but sometimes it is great to change gears to get a more meal. We wanted to sample Bosnian blend meals and Herzegovina wines at a modern, upscale setting, and we all ended up in the best restaurant at the Sarajevo, 4 Sobe Gospode Safije (“The 4 Rooms of Mrs. Sofia”).

The restaurant’s Title Adheres to the Romance between Safije, a girl, along with Johan, an Count , during the transition in Turkish into rule.

Where and what to Eat in Sarajevo

The restaurant is located only a 5-minute taxi ride from the city center.

A warm, welcoming ambiance plus gorgeous furnishings functioned as the perfect background to the meal we had there. Risottos, salads, fish, and pastas’ menu has been a change in this Stari Grad’s fast-paced casual eateries. Following a menu of mushroom risotto, beef carpaccio, tuna steak, lamb stew, and chocolate soufflé, we understood Bosnian gastronomy is.

We hope you one day find yourself in Sarajevo, and that you take part! Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have any shortage of wines, produce, herbs, and fresh meats. There’s literally something grilling, frying, roasting, and baking. Sarajevo delivers food !

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Where and what to Eat in Sarajevo

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