WWII History: Visiting Dluga Street in Gdansk, Poland


Li will take you to a small eatery, as you proceed through the former French Concession on your Shanghai Eats Breakfast excursion. There, you’ll be able to try some incredible wontons which are stuffed with shepherd’s purse and pork. They are served coated in a sauce, but there is no soup.

Restaurant Uniqato, Stara Zagora

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Walk China’s Great Wall

The Fulmar (pictured above) is the most common breeding bird in the Faroe Islands. They can be found here all year nesting on the steep cliffs. Another bird you’re likely to see several times during your stay is the Oystercatcher (pictured below).

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If global beer is the pleasure, this can be the brewery. Stadin Panimo features several beers from around the Earth, including also a New England IPA and an double stout. Only this week, since had been crafted here, the ales are fresh and amazingly easy to drink.

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